Useful resources

Payroll Compliance Handbook for Year-End and Quarterly Reporting

Another payroll resource written by Debera Salam and tax professionals at Ernst & Young, LLP, published by Thomson Reuters/WG&L

Ernst & Young Payroll Resource Library

Respected contributing editors provide their experience and insights in a resource that is:

  • Timely. Trends are quickly identified by Ernst & Young professionals based on their interactions with businesses and governmental offices across the country.
  • Practical. Issues are analyzed by Ernst & Young professionals who are trained in a wide array of tax and other industry disciplines.
  • Reliable. Content is managed by experienced technical writers with payroll and employment tax experience.

Your subscription to the Ernst & Young Payroll Resource Library brings you two invaluable resources: 

Payroll Perspectives

This monthly e-journal takes the latest state and federal developments and explains them in depth, making sure that you understand exactly how the recent changes affect you. Payroll Perspectives tells you what has happened, what is likely to happen, and what you need to watch out for.

And Payroll Perspectives is filled with insightful, regular features you will come to rely on, including the “Payroll Workshop“. This feature provides deep analysis of a particular issue or trend impacting payroll and employment tax by identifying developments affecting numerous businesses and providing you with practical insights on how to handle these latest issues.

Payroll NewsFlash™

Payroll NewsFlash™ informs you immediately of time-sensitive developments and information in the payroll and employment tax areas—on both the state and federal levels. It is designed to be highly practical in every way—from the email subject-line that lets you see right away whether the news is relevant to you, to the concise and insightful content of each alert.

Plus—the information contained in each Payroll NewsFlash™ is subsequently stored in a searchable database, giving you ongoing access to this vital, valuable information.

Payroll Training: Principles of Payroll Administration Course

Principles  of Payroll Administration  training serves three purposes:

  1. Brings  new payroll personnel up to speed fast,
  2. Presents  payroll essentials that guide payroll personnel through the day-to-day  challenges of payroll administration, and
  3. Prepares  payroll personnel for the American  Payroll Association’s (APA) Fundamental Payroll Certification  (FPC) and Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exams, National Bookkeeper  Association’s (NBA) Payroll Certification exam, and National  Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers’ (NACPB)  Certified Payroll Specialist (CPS) license Uniform CPS Examination.

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