Happy 2014! Watch This Payroll 2013 Flashback

Happy New Year

Payroll had alot to accomplish in 2013, and you deserve a round of applause!

Watch the Payroll 2013 Flashback

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It’s time to check your payroll facts for year-end and 2014!

Employment tax rates and limits for 2014 rev. Jan. 1

Here’s some important federal and state payroll facts that you need to know for year-end and 2014, updated with the latest information.


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EY’s 2013 Payroll Year-End Check List is Here

EY's payroll year-end checklist brochure

This valuable year-end reference tool is expanded from previous years to include links to relevant EY white papers concerning Additional Medicare Tax, Form W-2 reporting of health insurance costs, 2014 rates and limits, same-sex spousal benefits, and much more.

As in prior years, you will also find full-state charts of the Form W-2 and unemployment insurance electronic filing requirements and due dates.

Here is a link to this year-end tool.


Essential year-end payroll guidance is here

Payroll Compliance Handbook  2013-2014 front coverEssential year-end payroll guidance is here

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The Payroll Compliance Handbook is a companion guide to Principles of Payroll Administration and offers an essential look at legislative and regulatory developments that impact currently quarterly and annual payroll and employment tax compliance requirements.  The publication is fully updated for 2013 and is now available to order.


SSA updates proposals for FICA tax increases

Each year the Social Security trustees provide proposals for ensuring solvency in the trust funds.  Some of these proposals include an increase the Social Security tax rate, the wage base, or both. This information is helpful in getting an idea of the future direction of employment tax costs.

For the full report go to http://www.socialsecurity.gov/OACT/solvency/provisions/index.html