The Cents and Sensitivities of Pay Cards

The Cents and Sensitivities of Pay Cards.


Do You Twitter for Business, Pleasure or Both?

Some companies block social media web pages so that employees can’t be social (in media that is) during office hours.

Well, social media isn’t just a personal pass time. Increasingly, vital business and vendor news is exchanged from places like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Fortunately, many employees BYSM (bring their own social media) via their smart phones and tablets.  It might look like they’re just texting or gaming, but they could also be mining for important technical information too!

I’ve noticed in the last several months that businesses are increasingly turning to Twitter to deliver general business news, or news of interest to their clients.  Frequently, these tweets send you to a white paper or blog that contains lots of really useful information.

For those worried about mixing business and personal tweets, they set up one Twitter handle for personal and the other for business.  For instance “PartyGuy” and “BizBuz.”

So, we’re just really curious.  Do you follow business news on Twitter?  And if so, can you get to it on your company’s computer, or do you have to BYSM?